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Feb 18 13

Windows Phone & Nokia Lumia 710

by Odd Henriksen

I am ridiculously unsatisfied with not yet having received the update to Windows Phone 7.8 for my Nokia Lumia 710.

One year ago, I bought a Nokia Lumia 710 at a retailer, and paid approximately $500 for it. Shortly after, it is treated like a second-grade device by Nokia and Microsoft.
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Feb 15 13

Gaining root on the Google Nexus 4 (LG E960)

by Odd Henriksen

I was lucky enough to get a Nexus 4 phone from my wife, and it is a truly awesome device. My first Nexus device, actually. In this post, I summarize how I “rooted” it while keeping the “stock” OS installation (the “stock ROM”, if you prefer).
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Jul 4 12

(Norwegian) Tips: Hvordan raskt og enkelt endre språk til engelsk i Microsofts KB-artikler

by Odd Henriksen

This article is only available in Norwegian.

Dec 13 10

Site off to a rough start

by Odd Henriksen

I just recently set up this blog on my VPS, which was nearly “maxed out” already. Thinking that a small WordPress blog wouldn’t consume enough resources to cause any trouble, I considered it a good idea at the time. It turned out not to go so well, however..
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Nov 27 10

Using multiple IP addresses on my Debian-based VPS

by Odd Henriksen

I have a VPS instance (running Debian) provided by DynDNS (their Spring Server VPS service), on which I’m running a few services, including a few web sites.

I had some privacy concerns and didn’t want to share the same IP address for all of my sites. It’s very simple to locate other sites running on the same web server IP. Therefore I requested an additional IP address (IPv4) from DynDNS.

DynDNS Support were very forthcoming and I quickly had an extra IP address at my disposal. But where to go from there? Different providers have different ways to go about this. Some assign an extra network interface (virtual NIC device) to the VPS, while others (including DynDNS) simply reserve the IP address to you. In my case, IP aliasing was the way to go (creating a virtual interface – see Debian’s reference documentation on this).

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Nov 25 10

Norwegian translation of Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

by Odd Henriksen

In the process of setting up this blog (which is using WordPress), I have found some useful plugins – among others “Subscribe to Comments Reloaded” – which allows users to subscribe to follow-up comments to a post. Quite nifty.

However, I haven’t done things particularly easy for myself here, because I wanted to make the blog multilingual. I need to have as much as possible in both English and Norwegian. Since I couldn’t find any decent Norwegian translation of Subscribe to Comments Reloaded, I created one.

It’s available here if any fellow Norwegians are interested:

The down-side, though, is that because of the way that plugin works, with all messages being configurable from the WP administration pages, and the way these messages are finally “echoed”, there are still some obstacles to resolve before I have it working optimally on a multilingual blog. It seems I may have to do some minor alterations in the plugin’s code, but that’s for a future post, when I’ve actually thought it through properly.

Nov 20 10

Under construction

by Odd Henriksen

The world is about to see yet another blog (somehow I hear no roaring applause). Much to do before I’m done setting up this blog. There’s a lot to do with the theme, setting up plugins, making it multilingual, etc. And last but not least, I should write some initial posts.