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Norwegian translation of Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

by Odd Henriksen on November 25th, 2010

In the process of setting up this blog (which is using WordPress), I have found some useful plugins – among others “Subscribe to Comments Reloaded” – which allows users to subscribe to follow-up comments to a post. Quite nifty.

However, I haven’t done things particularly easy for myself here, because I wanted to make the blog multilingual. I need to have as much as possible in both English and Norwegian. Since I couldn’t find any decent Norwegian translation of Subscribe to Comments Reloaded, I created one.

It’s available here if any fellow Norwegians are interested:

The down-side, though, is that because of the way that plugin works, with all messages being configurable from the WP administration pages, and the way these messages are finally “echoed”, there are still some obstacles to resolve before I have it working optimally on a multilingual blog. It seems I may have to do some minor alterations in the plugin’s code, but that’s for a future post, when I’ve actually thought it through properly.

  1. Hi there, first of all thank you for writing these kind words about my plugin, I really appreciate it :) I started this as something I wanted to do for myself, since other similar plugins out there are not updated or not flexible enough for what I needed. I will include your translation in version 1.4, so if you want I can send you a preview of this new release which includes some new strings that you may want to translate. Just shoot me an email and I’ll send it to you.

    As for the multilanguage strings, I’d love to see what you have in mind to solve this issue. I’d like not to use multiple .po files, since most users don’t know how to edit them. But maybe I could add an option to specify if the plugin should use the strings in the database or those in the .po files. This way those who need a multilanguage environment, would be able to do so. Let’s discuss…


    • Hi, and thanks for your comment.

      First of all, your development efforts with the plugin are much appreciated. You’re doing a great job!

      I understand well that you would prefer not to just use the gettext translation files, because that would make it harder to customize the strings for the average user.

      I am not entirely sure what would be the best approach in this case, but your suggestion of making it an option whether to use the default translation strings or the customized strings, is certainly one way.

      My immediate thought was to filter everything through a “__” or “_e” command, because that would
      1) Automatically make lookups against the active gettext translation
      2) Allow other plugins (such as qTranslate, which I am using) to process language tags. For example if I customized one of the strings to be [:en]English[:it]Italiano, qTranslate would cause the resulting output to be “English” if English was the active language or “Italiano” if Italian was the active language.

      Perhaps I’ll create a thread on your forum about this, where we can discuss it more thoroughly.

      Have a nice day!

  2. Johne604 permalink

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