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Site off to a rough start

by Odd Henriksen on December 13th, 2010

I just recently set up this blog on my VPS, which was nearly “maxed out” already. Thinking that a small WordPress blog wouldn’t consume enough resources to cause any trouble, I considered it a good idea at the time. It turned out not to go so well, however..

The problem was that I use ModSecurity2 with separate configurations for each site, and that requires a quite significant amount of memory for a VPS (depending on the size of the rulesets), combined with the fact that I use Apache’s “worker” MPM. I was aware of all that, but apparently I hadn’t done my job well enough when it comes to monitoring the VPS’ resources lately. It was already using a lot of swap, and after adding this site to the collection of enabled web sites, all physical and swap memory was quickly depleted. All the swapping obviously led to really bad performance, but the complete depletion of memory resources also led to occasional termination of CGI processes.

Long story short, I moved the site over to my home web server (which is also virtual), where I had a nearly identical setup. Just in case, I carefully tuned the settings for the worker MPM and increased the amount of physical memory available for the virtual web server machine. Even on the much, much slower bandwidth of my home server, this blog is performing a lot better now.

I just need to start actually writing stuff now.

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