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Windows Phone & Nokia Lumia 710

by Odd Henriksen on February 18th, 2013

I am ridiculously unsatisfied with not yet having received the update to Windows Phone 7.8 for my Nokia Lumia 710.

One year ago, I bought a Nokia Lumia 710 at a retailer, and paid approximately $500 for it. Shortly after, it is treated like a second-grade device by Nokia and Microsoft.

Windows Phone’s user interface was exciting and different, but other than that, it hasn’t had much else going for it. It is extremely unfriendly to geeks like me who like to tweak and play with our devices. You have to pay money to be able to “sign” your own applications for it, even for simple testing purposes. It offers almost NO customization possibilities. There isn’t much software available for it. My phone has an annoying bug which is possibly specific for that model, which makes it suddenly think that the battery is depleted and turn itself off abruptly.

I feel like I have been sponsoring a beta test of Windows Phone, getting almost nothing in return.

It is quite likely that this will be my last Windows Phone device ever. And indeed the last Nokia. I don’t care if they improve over time. I spent an unreasonable amount of money for the Lumia 710, and I’ve received ONE update during the device’s entire lifetime, and that was a really minor update which didn’t solve any of the bugs that have been bugging me.

Loyalty from customers is earned, not donated. Nokia and Microsoft have not earned anything from me.

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