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I’m Odd Henriksen, and this is my blog. Welcome!

So, who am I?

I’m a guy, born in 1983, living in Norway together with my son, my wife and my cat.

I work freelance as an IT tech and developer, trying my best not to become too specialized within any particular field within the profession. A goal which has proven to be surprisingly difficult to uphold.

At my free time, I love spending time with my son. I can finally play with real toys again. ;-) I’m not the kind of person you will meet at a party or a pub on a Saturday night. I much prefer staying at home, watching a movie, solving a crossword puzzle, reading a book or working on whatever on the computer. Movies are great, and I’m a fan of the TV series Chuck.

I’ve been a technology enthusiast practically all my life, and the first computer I started playing with was the Commodore 64 (may it rest in peace).

I’ve been a football supporter for some time, supporting the local team Brann, but my enthusiasm has decreased quite significantly after I became a father.

One of the less intelligent pictures of yours truly:

About the blog

I’ll write here about various topics which catch my attention. Computer related stuff, ponderings about life, and just about anything else.


You are free to contact me via e-mail on odd [at]