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Nintendo Wii U system transfer

av Odd Henriksen den 13. august 2013

The time had come to move from our old Nintendo Wii on to a new Wii U.

Nintendo provides a software tool for transferring data from the Wii to the Wii U. Us having purchased many WiiWare and Virtual Console titles, we obviously wanted to transfer everything across. This post describes my experiences with the transfer process.

Having bought a “basic” Wii U console kit, which doesn’t include a sensor bar, I had to plug the old sensor bar back and forth between the old and the new console. When using the Wii U in “Wii mode”, a Wii Remote is required. That was a little annoying.

During the transfer process, which includes visual entertainment with characters carrying “data” between the consoles, several errors occurred on the old Wii. The Wii is horribly sensitive when it comes to Wi-Fi, and doesn’t talk well with recent access points and routers. It lost contact with the Internet many times during the process, and I had to choose “Try again” every time. Luckily, it did complete successfully.

I received, among others, error 204800, a generic Wii Shop Channel error.

Now it works! Time to shut down the old device.

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